At the end of the connecting tunnel, there is access to the battery, the operational part of the Fort, the goal of which was to protect the four cannons which the Fort was equipped with, feed them and make them work with the maximum efficiency. The battery is structured on two floors: on the ground floor there are the ammunition deposits and the engine room, while on the first floor there are the combat command room, the ammunition dumps and the four gun towers.

The ammunition deposits

In the three big rooms on the battery’s ground floor, loaded projectiles in safety mode were stored, along with propelling charges ready for use, primers and fuses. To stop the harmful substances given off by the explosives from accumulating, the three rooms are equipped with nozzles that allow for the continuous intake of fresh air, while the walls are finished in cement that is perfectly smooth and impermeable.

Artillery workshops and store rooms

The building positioned at the north-west of the drill ground contains a repair workshop (originally equipped with a forge, whose hood still survives), two store rooms, the latrines and the old guard-house positioned so as to control the original entrance (in the thirties, the entrance moved lower down when a new gate and the new guard-house were built).