Fort Montecchio Nord - The best preserved First world war fortress in Europe.
via alle Torri 8 - 23823 Colico (LC) - +39 0341 940322

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How to get to Forte Montecchio North Colico
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Easily accessible by car and by train from Milan, Lecco and Sondrio and, by car, from Lugano and Como, the Forte is a ten minute walk from Colico train station.

Alto Lario\s tourist town, located at the point where the Valtellina and Val Chiavenna valleys intersect, is an excellent starting point for excursions to Mount Legnone and in the Bergamo Alps of Valtellina.

Montecchio dominates the town and is located on the border between the provinces of Lecco, Como and Sondrio: located near the Natural Reserve of Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola, the Fort, placed at its summit offers magnificent view of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains.

From Milan (and Lecco), by car: from Sesto San Giovanni, take the Monza-Lecco road (State Road n°36 dello Spluga) towards Sondrio; drive northwards along the entire eastern shore of Lake Como until the Piona exit, then take the SP72 (Via Nazionale) towards Colico-Sondrio; immediately after the centre and Colico railway station, turn left to take the railway underpass and exit onto Viale Padania; cross the Viale Padania crossroads and take Via alle Torri which, after 500m, leads to the Fort entrance at number 8.
From Sondrio, by car: take the S.S. No. 38 Stelvio towards Milan until the "Trivium Fuentes," intersection of roads to Lecco-Milan, Como, Chiavenna; here take the SP72 (Via Nazionale North) leading to Colico and follow it for about 3 km until the intersection with Via Monteggiolo, which, on the right, leads to the railway bridge, with a hairpin bend leading onto Via Padania After 400m, take on the right, via alle Torri, which leads to the entrance of the Fort after 500m at number 8.
From Lugano by car: take the S.S. n° 340 towards St. Moritz to Colico. At the Colico exit, take in the direction of the Provincial Road 72, at the roundabout continue on Via Nazionale and the North Colico road for 3 km until the intersection with Via Monteggiolo, which, on the right, leads to the railroad overpass. At the end of the hairpin bend, continue to the right takes you up to Via Padania; After 400m, turn right into Via alle Torri, which quickly - 500m. - leads to the entrance of the Fort at number 8.